In April of 2011, Richard Cooper, CEO of RSI, gave a talk on Integrating seismic, well and CSEM data.

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An integrated framework for seismic, controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) and magnetotelluric (MT) data. Benefits of using seismic, CSEM and MT data together (different systems illuminate different properties) Adding microseismic, gravity, VSP and LWD data.

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Business opportunities with subsurface data

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Hallam Conference Centre, London

Bringing together the realms of geophysics, reservoir engineering with IT, to work out new ways people can improve production

There have been many oil and gas industry conferences about geophysics, and many conferences about IT – but none so farwhich have tried to bring both realms together.

But I think you will all agree that getting the most out of subsurface data means a high level of both geophysics and IT together – and this is what we will try to explore in this conference.So – an ambitious objective, but without an ambitious objective we won’t achieve anything new!

Topics covered include statistical analysis techniques, as used by Total, Shell and Conoco Phillips, which can identify new patterns and learn which variables are most important to keep an eye on; strategies for managing your IT and subsurface applications portfolio; and working out which data management methods can do the most to help an oil company work out how to improve production.

The event will cover making it easier to move reservoir data from one software package to another; ways to integrate well, seismic and CSEM data; making seismic data easier to work with; how to use analysis of drill cuttings to help get more understanding of your subsurface data; new ways to work with rock physics.

This is the first of our series of four digital oilfield conferences this year.