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Technology drives RSI’s business: Proprietary advanced rock physics (iMOSS®) and inversion code provide our clients with robust results that form the foundation of informed business decisions.

Since the company’s founding in 1998, RSI has maintained a strong R&D program that develops scientific theory and algorithms into products, deliverables, and services. All experts participate in in client studies and research at different times, providing innovative solutions to different challenges.

The results of our investment in technology is a rich history of:

  • A strong intellectual property portfolio that includes 44 patents
  • Leading and executing successful industry consortia, from the Seismic Attributes Consortium to LFP 1-3, WISE and others
  • Developing software both for internal use and for external sale, such as iMOSS® and our attribute analysis package (licensed as the Rock Solid Attributes (RSA) Module in IHS Kingdom, and available in SeisWare in 2012)
  • Numerous high-visibility journal articles and technical papers at various forums
RSI’s current research focuses on advanced rock physics in areas where there are gaps in the state of knowledge and more robust inversion methods, as well as high performance computing.