Richard Cooper
Chief Executive Officer

Richard is a graduate from the University of Liverpool in UK with an honours degree in geophysics. He joined Digicon (which became Veritas and now CGG) in 1979 and held a variety of positions in data-processing, research, marketing and management in UK, Australia, Singapore and US.

He joined CogniSeis Development in 1993 and spent two years as managing director of the EAME division, before returning to Houston as CogniSeis President and COO. Following the sale of CogniSeis to Paradigm, Richard founded Rock Solid Images in 1998 and served as CEO and director until the sale of Rock Solid Images to OHM in 2007.


Dr. Lucy MacGregor
Chief Technology Officer

Lucy is currently the Chief Technology Officer of RSI, and leads the company’s technical group which specializes in the analysis and interpretation of seismic, well log and marine EM data and in the integration of these data types for improved reservoir characterization. Lucy has ten years experience in developing and delivering new technology to the oil and gas industry, and has particular expertise in intellectual property protection and strategy.

Lucy has a PhD from the University of Cambridge for research in the field of CSEM and over 16 years’ experience in marine EM surveying and its application to the detection and characterisation of fluids in the earth. Following her PhD she was a Green Scholar at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography working on marine electromagnetic methods, before returning to Cambridge as a Leverhulme Trust/Downing College research fellow. In 2000 she moved to the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton as an NERC research fellow to continue her work on marine CSEM methods, before co-founding OHM in June 2002 and joining the company as its CTO. She is a recognized world expert in CSEM methods and was appointed an SEG honorary lecturer in 2011.


Andy Phipps
President – Americas

Andy has over 35 years of experience in the geophysical services industry. Starting in Seismic Data Processing with a predecessor to VeritasDGC in 1979, he progressed into Marine Acquisition, spending 12 years offshore, before being appointed to Marine Operations Manager for EAME in 1995. Andy moved into Veritas’ Multi-Client group in 1998, where he was central to the successful planning and execution of the 2D and 3D programs in Brazil that led directly to the first of the giant pre-salt discoveries in the Santos Basin. Andy was made President of Veritas Marine Surveys in 2003 and was SVP Multi-Client at CGGVeritas after the Veritas purchase. He then co-founded Bratexco, a successful consulting company which specialises in assisting oilfield service companies in the Brazilian marketplace in 2009. Directly before joining RSI, Andy held the position of President – Western Hemisphere with Dolphin Geophysical.


James Tomlinson
General Manager EAME / APAC

James has 12 years of experience in upstream G&G. Before joining the industry, he completed a PhD in imaging and inversion of teleseismic data. After, he started work as a structural geologist interpreting image logs data to characterise fractures and lithofacies in exploration and development settings. In 2005, James went on to join OHM in Aberdeen to work on processing and interpreting electromagnetic data. Soon after moving to Asia Pacific to spend the next 5 years in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur firstly as Area Geophysics, and then as Regional Manager for OHM / Rock Solid Images. James joined RSI’s Houston office as VP of QI Services in 2012. After 2 years, James opened RSI’s UK office where he currently manages both operations and business development teams for EAME and Asia Pacific.


Gareth Taylor
Senior Vice President Business Development

Gareth graduated from the University of Keele, UK in 1978 with a Joint Honours degree in Geology and Geomorphology. In the same year he joined Digicon Geophysical as a seismic processing geophysicist. After a number of assignments with dedicated seismic processing centers in the UK, Nigeria, The Netherlands and the USA, Gareth was appointed manager of a dedicated seismic processing centre for O.G.D.C. in Islamabad Pakistan. Following the formation of CogniSeis Development in 1989, he was named Manager and ultimately Vice President of Far East Operations in Singapore where he remained until May 1998. In June 1998 he accepted the position of Vice President of Services and Sales for the Discovery Bay Company in Houston. Since co-founding Rock Solid Images in November 1998, Gareth has occupied a number of senior management roles culminating in his appointment as President in 2012.