The Practice and Theory of Seismic Depth Imaging Course

Instructors: Dr. David Kessler and Prof. Dan Kosloff, SeismicCity Inc.
Dates: Tuesday, October 4th – Friday, October 7th

In partnership with RSI, SeismicCity will provide its comprehensive four day lecture style depth imaging course. ‘The Practice and Theory of Seismic Depth Imaging Course’ is one of a kind. It is the only industry course taught by instructors that are actively involved in development and application of depth imaging technology. This technology is routinely used by the industry for exploration and development of oil and gas reserves. Dr. David Kessler is the president of SeismicCity, a Houston based service company dedicated to development and application of depth imaging technology. Prof. Dan Kosloff, the 2013 SEG Reginald Fessenden award winner for lifetime contribution for Geophysical research is the chief Geophysicist of SeismicCity, leading the company research and developments efforts. ‘The practice and Theory of Depth Imaging’ course is normally given once a year in Houston, Texas. Based on client requests it will be given for the first time in London, England this year.

Objective: To provide a full and complete review of the practical aspects and implementation of depth imaging technology and its current status, coupled with detailed explanation of the theoretical background of seismic wave propagation, velocity and anisotropy estimation, model building methods and prestack depth migration algorithms. During the course, we will also discuss and present the advantages of combining depth imaging and quantitative seismic inversion workflows to yield not just an optimum structural and stratigraphic image, but also reservoir properties in depth.

Download the Depth Imaging Course Agenda

Audience: The course is suitable for Geophysicists that are implementing depth imaging technology, for Geologists and Geophysicists that are interpreting depth domain data, for Geophysicists new to the field and for management personnel that are interested in getting updated with the basics and the current state of depth imaging technology.

Cost: $2,600 per student. Cost includes the four day course and the Course Book, as well as daily breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Hotel Accommodations and airfare are not included in course cost.

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