RSI and SeismicCity Collaborate on Depth Domain Inversion Products

14 November 2016

After careful testing, RSI and SeismicCity are pleased to announce that they have established an optimized workflow to provide amplitude preserved seismic depth imaging and inversion services.

This collaboration emphasizes a joint offering whereby seismic imaging and inversion workflows are fully integrated which offers significant advantages in terms of the quality and time to solution to develop a depth domain reservoir property and geometry model.

Dr. David Kessler, CEO of SeismicCity stated:

“We have been working successfully with RSI for over a year and have demonstrated the value of combining our world-class imaging technology with RSI’s quantitative interpretation methods. The net result is the delivery of reservoir property model in depth, meaning that reservoir properties can be directly interpreted for prospect evaluation and development.”

Dr. Anthony Greer, CEO of RSI added:

“We are delighted to be working with SeismicCity’s team. RSI’s ability to extract reliable and properly postioned reservoir properties is wholly dependant upon the quality of the preceeding imaging step. By integrating our technology and workflows we can guarantee consistency of velocity, anisotropy and well data within both the imaging and inversion algorithms, as well as directly controlling the quality of depth domain image gathers prior to seismic inversion.”

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