RSI Announces Non-Exclusive Licensing of Seismic/CSEM Integration Patents to PGS

31 May 2016

RSI is pleased to announce it has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with PGS that allows PGS to operate RSI’s rock-physics driven seismic and CSEM integration workflows.

Lucy MacGregor, CTO of RSI commented:

“Close rock physics driven integration of CSEM data with seismic is key to ensuring robust interpretation results. We have been working alongside PGS for some time now to help clients extract more information from their seismic and Towed Streamer EM data. This agreement allows PGS to employ the quantitative integration workflows developed by RSI to ensure robust, high quality results for their clients.”

Jonathan Midgley, VP of PGS EM added:

“The real value of CSEM data is extracted once it is fully integrated with seismic. This agreement allows us to develop more quantitative workflows so that Towed Streamer EM data can be used beyond pure exploration and into reservoir characterization”.

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