Central Graben Rock Physics & Seismic Response Atlas

RSI have an extensive database of regional rock physics and seismic response atlases covering the Norwegian and UK continental Shelf. This package consists of 53 key wells from the UK Central Graben, providing explorationists with a suite of consistently top to bottom conditioned logs along with a database of elastic properties and seismic responses in key reservoir zones.
Rock Physics & Seismic Response Atlas Deliverables

  • Geophysical well log analysis – top-to-bottom log conditioning for QI purposes
  • Standard log displays for whole log and zone(s) of interest, Standard rock physics crossplots
  • Fluid substitution modeling, AVO analyses for all reservoirs
  • Full offset synthetics with in situ/fluid models, Written report, Log data in LAS format, Seismic synthetics in SEG-Y
The 53 wells included in the Central Graben Rock Physics & Seismic Response Atlas:
12/27-01 21/02-04 21/3a-04 22/28a-04 30/2c-03
14/20b-26a 21/10-b25 21/06a-03 22/30c-08 30/7a-06
14/28b-02 21/11-04 21/06b-02 22/30c-13 31/26-02ast
14/29a-03 21/16-01 21/06b-04 23/16a-02 31/26-04
15/12b-02 21/18-03 22/02-02 28/05a-03 31/26a-09a
15/30-01 21/18-04 22/10a-t3 29/05b-04st2 31/26a-12
15/30-02 21/18-07st1 22/11-n4 29/05b-06z 31/26b-14
15/30-07st2 21/19-06 22/18-06 30/17a-10 31/27-01
16/26-05 21/20a-05 22/21-03 30/1c-03 44/26c-06
20/4a-05 21/20b-04st2 22/21-07 30/1c-05a  
20/4b-06 21/25-06 22/22b-2st2 30/24-19