Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Louisiana Rock Physics Data Library

A uniquely indispensable reference for understanding fluid signatures in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Louisana. Each atlas is the culmination of a rigorous analysis to provide a detailed understanding of the rock physics relationships between reservoir properties and seismic signatures.

Leverage the rock physics knowledge of RSI by selecting wells in an area of interest to further understand the play and establish a more effective drilling program. The database of 1,200+ wells will be populated with additional wells as they become available.

Standard Deliverables:

  • Geophysical well log analysis Top-to-bottom log conditioning for QI purposes
  • Standard log displays for whole log and zone(s) of interest
  • Standard rock physics crossplots
  • Fluid substitution modeling
  • AVO analyses for all reservoirs
  • Wedge models
  • Depth trends
  • Full offset synthetics in situ/fluid models
  • Log data delivered in LAS format
  • Seismic synthetics delivered in SEG-Y format
  • Written Report
  • Optional welltie displays and 1D EM modeling

Related Services:

  • Inversion Services
  • Time / Depth Calibration
  • Porosity and Lithology Modeling
  • Pore Pressure Analysis
  • Full Waveform Synthetics
  • Resistivity Modeling
  • Attenuation (1/Q) Modeling