Barents Sea Atlas 2016 Evergreen Well Release

RSI is pleased to announce that the August release of the Evergreen 2016 update to the Barents Rock Physics Atlas are now available for purchase & immediate delivery. This release contains both the Hanssen and Apollo wells.

Evergreen 2016 will contain a total of 15 Wells, published quarterly as the wells go public. The 15 wells are:

April Release7218/8-17220/4-1 7220/7-2S7222/11-2
August Release7125/4-37220/7-3S7324/2-1 7324/7-2 7325/1-1
November Release7120/1-4S7220/2-17220/11-1 7227/10-1 7319/12-1 7324/9-1

Interactive Atlas

We are now delivering wells inside an interactive atlas to enable our client’s to perform fast, efficient scenario testing of lithology, fluid & porosity.

The interactive atlas allows direct interaction with the study wells. It provides flexibility through real-time modeling of multiple reservoir property scenarios using reservoir-specific rock physics models and workflows established by RSI. Clients are also able to import their seismic data at prospect locations for comparison with analog wells, export modeled log curves and synthetics in LAS and SEGY formats respectively, and perform real time image capture of all additional modeling conducted by the client within the study.

Contact us for Evergreen details or to view an Interactive Atlas.


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