Our team has conducted projects for over 250 clients and have worked on more than 3800 wells worldwide.

RSI’s team of experts has extensive experience in quantitative reservoir characterization using seismic, electromagnetic and well log data in hydrocarbon-producing basins around the world. Since RSI was formed in 1998, our team has conducted projects for over 250 clients, contributing to a significant number of field development and exploration successes. Our knowledge and expertise in rock physics shapes all of the projects we undertake, whether we are analyzing a well or doing a full well-driven integration of seismic and electromagnetic data.

Rock physics is at the core of every service we offer. Our core belief is that if you understand the rock properties then you will have a firm foundation for further interpretation and integration of well log and geophysical information. If you are interested in reducing exploration drilling risk and optimizing reservoir appraisal and development plans, RSI should be your first stop.